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Ernst Hilaire
Bonnie Ronson

The detached head of Elizabeth, poorly stitched onto Justine's body, the Frankenstein monster tucked into it's bed clutching onto its Wall Street Journal anxiously terrified for the arrival of it's new bride. Burning the flesh in the flames of a broken lamp covered in kerosene of the second monster after it's suicide. Inga and Frederick making love on the slab where the monster was born. These scenes, all while conducting similar objects, make sense of the main storyline of Frankenstein in much different ways. Mary Shelley's book Frankenstein is a very morbid and sad story of the life of Victor Frankenstein. Mel Brooks created the parody Young Frankenstein as an addition of Mary Shelley's book, poking fun at the past Frankenstein movies that had been made before it. Honestly speaking, very little of the movie actually follows the novel, but that probably has a large deal to do with the fact that the two are meant to be very different. The first of many differences between the two is the time period that was story was portrayed in. Mary Shelley's book was set the 19 th century. In order for Mel Brooks to make Frederick Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein's grand son seem realistic, he placed the Young Frankenstein story in the 20 th century. There were also differences in the clothing and technology due to the time lapse Mel Brooks created. Also, because of the time passing, Frankenstein does not meet his best friend Henry, and there is also no no Walton. In fact, there is no narrator present in that film at all. There a few similarities that are apparent in the film as well. These include Fredrick Frankenstein's fiance has the name Elizabeth, ass did Victor's did in the novel, but they are not cousins.

The fact that both Frederick and Victor were both indeed in love with the girls with same name and that they both had a passion for the raising of the dead went along with one of the themes of the movie; predestination. In theology, Predestination is the principle that all events, past present and future, have already been willed by god. Despite the fact that Frederick had tried to make a good name for himself and his family by becoming a well known neurologist, the world and its people continued to hold his family name against him him. Frederick was deemed untrustworthy because they were all sure that he would eventually fall into the family's insanity sooner or later. Mel Brooks also seemed to be implying that Frederick Frankenstein and Victor were almost the same person in some way. One detail also seems to remain constant in every science fiction film involving Dr. Frankenstein; the assistant is always peculiar man named Igor. Frederick Frankenstein is actually very similar, and connects very well, to Victor in the book. Although, compared the book the true Frederick and Victor really have little in common aside from their names. In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Victor actually does not have an assistant named Igor. He does not have an assistant at all. He is also not known by the the public for is monstrous creation. True, many people had in fact seen the creation, but no one besides Walton could really link it to the doctor. As far as other people knew, Victor Frankenstein was nothing but a depressed scientist who had spent way too much time away from his family to work on his projects. Frederick was also not in love with his fiance Elizabeth. Not exactly. The relationship the two shared with each other was very fake, where as Victor and his cousin, Elizabeth, were truly in love. In a way, I feel an aim of Young Frankenstein was to expose any latent issues and bring to the audiences focus by ridiculing them. Frederick gives a loving and romantic speech when he leaves Elizabeth. He swears that he will wait to reunite and love her forever. At the time, Elizabeth decides she can't hug or kiss him because she's afraid she may ruin the state of her clothes. At the...
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