Response to Young Frankenstein(Movie)

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Jaime Rodríguez
English I
11. May. 2012
Parody of Frankenstein
Young Frankenstein is a movie, directed by Mel Brooks, a well known director that focuses mainly on comical movies. In this film, the plot of the original book is changed and the protagonist becomes Fredrick Frankenstein played by Gene Wilder, Victor Frankenstein’s grandson. Furthermore, it has an alternative ending in which Frederick gives part of his brain to the monster so he can communicate his thoughts to everyone, and in this movie, the creator actually cares for the creature. However, Mel Brooks film is a parody, since it has a plot somewhat similar to the book but was designed to be comical and even at points ridicule her work with comical situations or puns and one-liners.

In the beginning of the movie, Mel Brooks insults the intelligence of Frankenstein by making the personality of the protagonist that of a fool. Due to Frederick’s pride, he calls himself “Frankensteen” and everyone thinks he is mentally challenged, not including his assistant, which is not the brightest assistant ever. Needless to say, the film is full of comical puns, but the first and remarkable pun is when Inga, Fredrick’s assistant played by Teri Garr, says to him as a wolf howls in the distance, “That is a werewolf” and Fredrick replies with concern while pointing at towards the direction of the howl, “A werewolf?” Then Igor (played by Marty Feldman), Fredrick’s assistant, unaware of the nature of the conversation answers, “No, there wolf, there castle.” thinking that he had gotten the directions mixed up. There were many other comical instances but Mel Brooks does not dare to stray too much from the original text and in some way reminds us of Mary Shelly.

Brooks does extract some parts of the book and uses them in his movie. A good example of this is the character Elizabeth, which is the same name as the sister and one-day bride of the real Frankenstein. Even though, her character was not all like...
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