Fran Hayden Joins Dairy Engineering

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Dairy Engineering (NZ) Ltd. has its headquarters in Hamilton, New Zealand, with manufacturing plants in South Auckland and Christchurch. The company manufactures equipment for the dairy industry. In its early years it focused on the domestic market, but in the last five years it has expanded into the export market. The company employs around 450 people, which makes it a large company, by New Zealand standards. This case focuses on events in the accounting department at the head office, which is organized into two sections; cost accounting and management information services (MIS). The case talks about the difference in values between employees and organisation management. Fran, a young new employee is keen and eager on rising to the top, and she forgets that there are certain norms to be followed in the hierarchical structure of her organisation. She jumps at the opportunities thrown at her, without seeking permission from her immediate boss. However, Fran’s job description is also unclear right from the start, which adds to her insecurity in the company and makes her think twice about her role in the MIS department in Diary Engineering.

Fran Hayden - A fresh employee in the MIS department. Rob Poor - Chief Accountant
Vernon Moore - Chief cost accountant
Peter Bruton - Management Accountant
Mike, Tom, Adrian and Janet - Colleagues of Fran in the MIS department.

A new candidate ‘Fran Hayden’ joins a well established dairy industry manufacturer ‘Dairy Engineering (NZ) Ltd.’. She is a bachelor of management studies (BMS) graduate. She is a fresh graduate and has directly got an offer from the company after an interview from the company. She took up the offer with them thinking that she could gain a good starting salary with a good practical experience as well. She was offered the position of assistant cost accountant...
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