Baroda Dairy Profile

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MHRM is fast growing and widely applicable MANAGEMENT COURSE It gives so much knowledge in the field of management of people in the organization. It provides better knowledge about people. It is four semester post graduate course with theory and fieldwork practicum, during every fieldwork student placed in different places like Village, NGO, Industries and Service sector. It helps in better understanding the overall scenario of industries as well as of the workers. During, field work student directly meet people and understand their behavior. It provides great opportunity to implement theoretical knowledge into practice. It helps to understand people within their society as well as in the organizations also. The profile of BARODA DAIRY has been prepared to know about the DAIRY better. We have tried our Best to collect all information about BARODA DAIRY. We got good practical knowledge while working with BARODA DAIRY.


I am Siddhi Mehta a Student of MHRM Third Semester of DEPARTMENT OF SOCIAL WORK.

A training of this nature would not be completed without co operation and moral support of many individuals for completion of my training at “BARODA DAIRY” .I would like to acknowledge all those who been instrumental in making it possible.

First of all I thanks to head of department ,Miss Shivani Mishra of department of social work and my supervisor Dr. Shivani Mishra mam for allowing to undergo training in Baroda Dairy. Without their and co operation I would not have been able to carry out my practical training at Baroda Dairy.


Traditionally Dairy was a subsidiary occupation of the farmer. However the contribution of the farmer’s income not prominent as it was framing. But this attachment to dairy was keep as tradition handed down from one generation to the next.

Baroda district lies in the centre of Gujarat, a state of western India, well-known for co-operative dairying. Baroda District co-operative Milk Producers union Ltd. Is the full name of Baroda dairy. As the name suggests that it is a co-operative union. The company is engaged in the production of milk ,flavoured milk butter and ghee, butter milk. the company also produces a wide variety of ice-cream, shrikhand, and many sweets through Sugam unit a subsidiary of Baroda dairy.

The plant is situated in Makarpura area, in the centre of the city. The plants of Baroda dairy are fully equipped with latest technology and modern facilities. Baroda dairy always for welfare of society.


With the view of the milk producer from the exploitation by the private vendors, and to give a remunerative price for their milk and to supply good quality of milk to the citizen of Baroda city, the milk union was established on 24th December 1957.

The milk union got guidance and help in all respect from the Neighbouring milk union of “Amul” especially from the Founder chairman of “Amul” , Shri T.K.Patel and then the general manager, Dr.V.Kurien who supported and guided the Baroda Milk Union. This union has strong leadership of Shri Maganbhai Patel, Founder chairman and Shri Jashvantlal Shah. Deputy Minister in then state of Bombay. Under their dynamic leadership the foundation stone of this union was laid.

First six milk co-operative societies became founder members of this union from where the milk was brought for distribution, but in the absence of adequate facilities for chilling and pasteurisation it was thought best to postpone the rural milk collection. In turn, pasteurised hygienic milk from Amul Milk Union was brought for distribution to the consumers of the Baroda city....
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