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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Crystal Saldana
Essay #3 Problemization
Professor Logan

The Problem Regarding the Welfare System
I do believe people should have to work or get an education while receiving benefits. Nobody should get to get a 'free ride' through life! Nobody pays my way through life. I have to work for what I get. That quote is the word of a twenty-two year-old female who holds down a full-time job, pays rent, and taxes. Some, like her, may feel contempt toward welfare recipients who do not work for their benefits. The welfare system is a program for citizens who need assistance. It should be considered a privilege, not a free ride. Everyone wants-or professes to want-to "end welfare as we know it," even though the welfare system is still thriving. The new program on the market, Workfare, is a reform tactic that will get recipients into the work force and eventually off benefits. (Kilgore) It's is four a.m., and Jenifer Beack is getting her two children ready to go to day care until they are shuttled off to school. Then Jenifer heads to New York City, to her job as a Customer Support Specialist at Clinic Equipment Services. It's a hectic schedule for this single mother to maintain, but she's willing to do it. In many cases all people need is a little motivation and support. In this day and age there are many programs out there to help individuals get into the work force and eventually off benefits. I think one of the major problems effecting implementation is the lack of education. I conducted a survey to see how the general public feels about welfare and the Workfare program. The survey was given to twenty-five people who ranged in age from eighteen to forty years, who were representative of wealthy, middle class, and working class, and were from different geographical areas. The questions they were asked to answer were: 1.) How do you generally feel about welfare?

2.) Do you think recipients should have to work or further their education while receiving...
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