Four Seasons Case Study

Topics: Employment, Europe Pages: 2 (318 words) Published: December 4, 2006
Challenge: To preserve the soul of the legendary Geroge V Hotel while rebuilding it for contemporary travelers. Also, to enter the French market but keep the Four Seasons reputation.

To become a "French Employer" and localize the hotel
•Work someone more during peak hrs and less during a lull
•Polychronic culture-value human relationships
•Unions in France were easy to deal with
•High taxes compared to other European countries
•Must document everything if want to terminate someone
•Big cultural adjustment

To run the hotel with the "Four Season Standards"
•Monochromic culture-schedule based
•It is successful in most other places
•Wants to be different not just french
•Its not localized
•New Chef not Four seasons standard
•Employees are used to working in France so difference in cultures

Solution: I think the hotel should be run the "Four Seasons Way" with a little French touch.

Execution: Although you cannot hire new employees you must train the employees extensively to the four season's standards. We are already bringing in some French culture by locating the hotel in a French palace. I believe we can hire "temporary employees" for times when there is a lull but also keep the core standards in Exhibit 4 and 5 that have made all Four Seasons Successful. We can bring in some culture at the spa and create a "French Massage" or a "Fondue Wrap." Since most people coming to the hotel will not be French, we have to use our goals, beliefs and principles we are based on. If we used the polychronic way, the guests would be confused because we wouldn't be concentrated on just them but on many things. Perhaps putting some other four season elements into this hotel including the Bali spa or another specialty food restaurant would bring a different approach to the four seasons.
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