Four Marks of the Church

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Alex Owings
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28 February 2012
The Four Marks Of The Church
One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic, these four words are the foundation of the Catholic Church. They are what the Church calls the “Four Marks.” The First Council of Constantinople established them in 381. These words were fist used in the Nicene Creed, and are still used to this day when we say “I believe in one holy, catholic, apostolic Church.” With the Holy Spirit helping to guide the Church it can carry out these four marks.

The fist mark of the Church is One describes, and it describes unity. The Church tells us it is one because of three things. The reasons are that it is a source to the Trinity, also because Jesus is the founder of the church, and the last is because the Holy Spirit is its soul. It mainly tells us about the unity of the Body of Christ. This means that our Church is together as one, and not many divided communities. The second mark is Holy. This describes to us that since God created the Church it is truly holy. The term means universal, and this shows that the Church does not have to be in a specific place, or exclude a race or culture. Jesus is the source to holiness. The third mark is Catholic. It is catholic because Jesus is always present in the church. The last mark of the church is apostolic. Jesus is the soul founder of the church, and he gave all of the power in the church to his apostles to be bishops, and he had Peter be the leader called the Pope when he left. Also the church has Sacred Tradition and Sacred Scripture. (1)

One, is a mark of the church that can have a connection to many events. An event that relates to this mark of is Pentecost. It relates to this mark for various reasons. One reason is that since through this mark it says we are all united, and Pentecost shows how the Holy Spirit helped to unify people. Pentecost is like this, because when the Apostles were in the room, they were filled with the...
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