Four Competencies of an Hr Manager

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Human Resources Management

Following are the four competencies of An HR Manager

a) Strategic Contribution
b) Business understanding
c) Personal reliability
d) Internal meeting

Strategic contribution
Human resources practitioners involved in strategic management at the level of culture, facilitate rapid change, are involved in strategic decision making and create a market-based connectivity of the operation (Boselie & Paauwe, 2004). In this area of expertise, management culture, the efforts of rapid change and the role of business partner with customer orientation emerged as important factors for human resources practitioners, making their impact on performance their major financial organization (bank Brock and Ulrich, 2003). Teal Ulrich (2008) has given a new name for this skill, which is an architect strategy.

Personal reliability
HR professionals need to get results and establish a reliable assessment of an organization. Work with others by building good relationships is essential in developing the ability to work effectively with others. HR professionals must also have effective writing and verbal communication skills (Boselie & Paauwe, 2004). Kelly and Gennard (1996) found that HR managers require skills practitioner social skills to develop interpersonal relationships with other administrators. This is one of the skills of personal credibility.

Business understanding
HR professionals must understand the business or industry of the society they serve. The main areas of knowledge are applied understanding of the integrated value chain (how the company integrates horizontally) and the value proposition of the company (how the enterprise creates wealth). The labor factor, which represents institutional constraints such as labor legislation, is the third factor that constitutes the domain knowledge of the firm (Paauwe & Boselie, 2004). HR professionals need to understand the strategy the organization, how the organization...
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