Foundations of Psychology Paper

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  • Published : October 28, 2012
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Foundations of Psychology Paper
El Krzeminski
Wanda Rush

Foundations of Psychology Paper
The first school of psychology was structuralism. This was brought upon by a thinker known as Edward Titchener. This was done by breaking down an individual’s mental process to figure out the most important makings. When this was broke down it helped to analyze how the mind was processed. Another school of psychology was functionalism this was a process that was based on the role of the psychological process. This was thought of by a man named William James. This helped him understand how exactly an individual would actually adapt to one’s environment and the role that would be played rather than sitting back focusing on the mental breakdown of an individual. There is a clear and understanding difference between structuralism and functionalism. (Research Methods in Psychology. ” Kowalski, R & Western, D 2011)

Behaviorist perspective became based on the behavior in which was observed. These thinkers that were involved this this perspective were Ivan Pavlov, John B. Watson and B.F. Skinner. It was said that behaviorism concentrated on the studies and learning of environmental events that do in fact control the behavior. (Research Methods in Psychology. ” Kowalski, R & Western, D 2011)

Psychodynamic perspective was thought of by a thinker named Sigmund Freud in the late nineteenth century. More thinkers of psychodynamic did involve Anna Freud, Carl Jung and Erik Erikson. This perspective pretty much showed that the behavior of individuals do replicate the way one feels, thinks and wishes. (Research Methods in Psychology. ” Kowalski, R & Western, D 2011)

Cognitive perspective is the mental activity based upon how an individual were to think, recognize, learn and remember any type of information. When this is done it shows how individuals are able to make choices. This perspective was brought upon by a thinker named Jean Piaget....
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