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• Examples of socialization responsibilities that have been shifted from the family to the school in your lifetime? -Sex Education
-Moral Values
-Dress codes

• How easy it for us to change our basic value?
-It’s not easy and it’s almost impossible because by the time you're a baby your surrounded by others moral character so it is extremely hard to change what you only know.

• According to the reading, what are the pros and cons of religion in the socialization process? -Pros: moral code & unification
-Cons: judgmental & dis-unification

• Difference between Functionalist and Conflict Theories of Education -CT- How schools perpetuates differences in social classes (struggle between rich and poor) -F- Train them to serve needs of society

• What is the “hidden curriculum” that is taught in schools? Examples? -Keep with the status quo

• Do our schools provide equal educational opportunity for all children? Is our society truly a meritocracy? -

• How do social class and poverty impact educational opportunity in our society?

• What do demographic trends tell us about the make-up of the student population over the next 25-50 years?

• For and Against Standardized testing
-For: They improve the accountability of students/teachers/schools. Students/teachers/schools can identify their weakness. -Against: Teachers spend too much time “teaching to the test”. Tests can be misleading (social economic status, racial background…etc)

• Cultural Difference Theory
-An explanation for the relatively low academic achievement and attainment of Native American students that has gained wide acceptance among educational researchers and theories.

• What are the general tends in the achievement gaps in American education?

• How does gender influence educational opportunity and performance in American Schools? -Boys have more behavioral problems than girls and are more apt to be diagnosed with a learning disability or emotional disturbance. -Girls are more likely to mot speak up in classes for fear of what boys may think of her. Also, they are less likely to achieve in science and math because it is primarily dominated by males.

• How does Limited English Proficiency (LEP) impact learning opportunities in the US? -Often don’t attend preschool, so they begin less ready to learn

• Title IX
-No schools can discriminate based on the sex of the student


-Attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder
-most commonly diagnosed childhood psychiatric disorder

• Gifted & Talented Program
-Children/youth with outstanding achievement when compared to their age

• What purposes does your educational philosophy serve? -determines what kind of teacher you want to become

• What factors influence the foundation of ones EP?
-Beliefs about teaching and learning
-Beliefs about students
-Beliefs about knowledge
-Beliefs about What is Worth knowing
-Personal Beliefs in philosophical areas

• Difference between the transmissions of knowledge vs. the construction of knowledge approaches? -TofK: more based on memorizing facts and giving knowledge and expecting student to know it -CofK: more based on giving students more opportunities to build their own knowledge

• How should curriculum be determined in American public schools? -

• What are the common approaches to assessing student knowledge? How should they be assessed?

• Ethics:
-what is good/evil, right/wrong, just/unjust

• Logic:
-deals with the process of...
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