Bus 475 Week 3 Ind. Paper

Topics: University of Phoenix, John Sperling, University Pages: 2 (462 words) Published: October 2, 2012
The Apollo Group ( university of Phoenix)
Sean Ellis
September 5, 2012

The Apollo Group
The Apollo Group, Inc. has an interesting beginning and was able to finally find eventual success. The Apollo Group founded the University of Phoenix in 1976, the founder was Dr. John Sperling. Dr John Sperling decided to go after an opportunity that consisted of creating a university geared toward working adults. Since 1976 the Apollo Group, Inc. has forged ahead and found a spot on the Fortune 500 list falling from it’s number 452 spot in 2011 to its 2012 number 504 ranking. How Apollo Group reached that spot was discussed in a case study developed by Richard B. Robinson in 2009. From this case study I have done a SWOT analysis and came up with a few strategies. A business SWOT can uncover internal strengths and external opportunities along with weaknesses and threats. SWOT ANALYSIS

Internal University Strengths and Weaknesses
* Geared towards working adults
* Faculty are working professionals within their profession * flexible by holding classes in leased office spaces which cuts down on costs * Large name recognition
* Profit margins could be hampered by significant spending on research and development and information technology * UOP recruiter’s salaries based solely on number of recruits * Slow approval for students being properly schooled

* Younger student still interested in enrolling in conventional 4 year universities External Opportunities and Threats
* Students from developing countries seeking to open new horizons; also population of college-age students is exploding * Not as rigid as a typical university therefore change in academic programs would not be as sluggish * Growth potential centered on marketing and retention: Targeting high school graduates * Smaller overhead with on line classes

* Established universities can leverage their brand...
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