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Topics: Employment compensation, Leave, Termination of employment Pages: 8 (1740 words) Published: April 21, 2013

106- A, Radhakrishna Township,
Ramosana Crossing,
Near Savera Hotel,

Subject: Letter of Appointment

Dear Mr. ,

With reference to your interview and subsequent discussions you had with us, the management is herby pleased to appoint you in our organization w.e.f. Date on the following terms & conditions:

You will be designated as Front-Office Manager in Front-Office department.

2.Place of Posting:
You will be posted in our office at Fortune Klassik Hotel, Ludhiana. However, at any time during the period of appointment, you will be liable to transfer in such other capacity that the company may determine to any other Department/ Branch/ Establishment or any other Company under the same management without adversely affecting your emoluments and general condition of service.

You will be placed in Grade Manager as per the structure of the company.

You will be entitled to the following remuneration per month, subject to the express condition of fulfillment of service conditions:

|Basic |Rs.000 /- | |Conveyance Allowance |Rs.000 /- | |Performance Pay |Rs. 000 /- | |Industrial Allowance |Rs.000 /- | | | | |Total |Rs.0000 /- |

( I )Provident Fund :
12% of the monthly basic salary will be contributed by the company towards your Provident Fund account. A matching deduction will be made from your salary as the employee’s contribution and shall be deposited as per the PF rule.

(III) Leave Travel Assistance :
Rs. 000 /- per annum. Eligibility after one year of service. Minimum 4 days of earned leave to be taken to avail of the benefit.

(III) Medical Reimbursement:
(For self & dependants) Rs. 0000/- per annum on production of doctor’s prescription and bills for medicine.

(IV) You will also be entitled to Leave facilities as follows: Earned Leave: 18 days
Casual Leave / Sick leave: 12 days

6. As a Manager / Executive you will not be governed by the Rules, Regulations or statutes generally applicable to workmen such as working hours, weekly off, holidays, overtime, Bonus and Gratuity etc.

7.Probation: You will be on probation for a period of One year from the date of joining service. Based on your performance and conduct, this period may be increased or decreased at sole discretion of the management and unless an order in writing is given to you, you shall be not be deemed to have been confirmed.

8.Separation: During probation or extended period(s) thereof, your service are liable to terminated without assigning any reason or payment in lieu thereof. Subsequent to confirmation, either side can terminate this contract by giving a notice of One Month or payment of One month basic salary in lieu thereof.

9.Retirement: You shall retire from the services of the company on attaining the age of 58 years on the basis of the age submitted by you, subject to your being medically and mentally fit.

10.Other Rules & Organization: You are expected to discharge the duties assigned to you from time to time with due diligence, integrity and responsibility to the entire satisfaction of the management and also maintain high standard of work expected of you by the company.

Your appointment in the company is full time and you shall devote yourself exclusively to the business of the company. You will not engage yourself in any other gain full employment or business (part – time or full – time) as long as...
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