For Their Own Survival

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For their own survival
Can you make people love you more by forming them, the way you want them to be? This is the essential question in For their own survival (2002) the short story by Ursula Hegi. The story is about the two persons Liz and Sam. They are on holiday by the coast in Mexico. After eleven years of marriage, Liz decides to leave Sam. This is very ironic, because she is the one who promised him, that he would always be with her. They are both active persons, and do everything together. The reason for this is that Sam wants them to. In the place they live, it is the man who is in charge. The woman needs to do what the man wants her to do. That’s also why they have no children, because Sam has no interest in having them. They do have to dogs, probably also Sams decision, instead of having two kids, they get two dogs, easier to look after, and do not crave as much attention. All Liz can do is say that’s a wise decision, and keep her frustration to herself. One of the clearest examples of this being a man dominated world is when they are out fishing, and Liz hooks a marlin. Almost instantly Sam takes the rod away from her, to take the credit and honour for the catch. This could also be because Sam is an old military man and now principal. He is a control freak. He needs everything to go after his head or else everything goes wrong. I think he means well with the things he does. He just wants to make sure it is done right. Sam being the control freak that he is describes and almost analyses her. He describes her as being a shy woman, with no confidence. Sam doesn’t like her being that way and wants to change her. He goes in and plays god. Only god or themselves can change people. He shapes her like she is a mannequin or a piece of plastic. He hasn’t been perfect and has made some mistakes such as “A few times he misjudged his timing, and she slipped away from him.” (Line 91) The way the sentence is, it is almost like a military diary, a journal or...
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