Joon Pearl Disorders

Topics: Psychology, Asperger syndrome, Benny & Joon Pages: 1 (316 words) Published: March 13, 2013
Film One

This interpretation uses a lot of mentally ill traits to define the character’s behavior about herself. From the movie Benny and Joon; the character Joon is mentally ill and suffers from Asperger syndrome and schizophrenia behaviors. Her obsession to her daily routine is abnormal compared to others around her. Joon’s behavior affects others around her, especially her older brother Benny (her caretaker). In the future, she finds a special person to help her overcomes most of these symptoms and become independent and live alone with the special person; Sam.

As Joon; having these disorders, she has the obsession of going about her day painting, going on car rides with her helmet, and loud music upsets her. With her interest in painting and quiet thinking; it’s the only way she can express her thoughts and feelings. When she gets angry, she feels the need to break things and burn stuff to help soothe her thoughts. At one point in the movie, Joon’s reaction of being on a moving bus without her helmet caused her syndromes of Asperge and schizophrenia behaviors to put her into a restricted mental institution.

There are a few parts in the movie where she hears voices and talks to herself. When she gets interrupted she gets angry/upset/agitated. But, when she accidentally looses on a poker game, Joon ends up falling in love with the person that suppose to take care of her. She feels important and safe around Sam because he is similar to Joon. Also, Joon doesn’t feel like she is being judge by anyone when she is around Sam.

As a result of her disorders, Joon syndromes and behaviors are examples of Asperger and schizophrenia syndromes. In the movie Benny describes her emotions and behavior as, “She is content”. Having someone there that isn’t judgmental and caring can help relieve the stress from the mentally ill.
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