For Future Career Success, Is the Ability to Relate Well to Other People More Important Than Studying Hard at School?

Topics: High school, College, Secondary school Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: April 28, 2011
For future career success, is the ability to relate well to other people more important than studying hard at school?

People in our times have more opportunities to succeed but they also have to face more fatal competitions. As we know, success in our society requires extraordinary efforts in addition to an element of luck and some social network since we are living in an age that emphasizes team work and cooperation. Weighing the importance of social network against hard work, I think we have to be very clear about which field we are talking before we make a conclusion on which side is more important.

When it comes to the field of commerce and management, for example, social relationship plays an crucial role because success in this field requires a profound insight into what people are really thinking and what are expected of us to behave in the society, explicit and implicit. In particular, China is a miraculous land where amazing things are happening all the time, most of which are rather inexplicable. Therefore, studying hard at school alone is insufficient. The school, or the teachers, may not be able to teach you everything, be it explicit know-how or implicit rules. On the contrary, you might continue to learn in the society when you realize that what you acquired at school is inadequate to handle the real-life issues because no one is too old to learn.

In education, similarly, being a good teacher requires you to have a good understanding of the students' characteristics and their special needs in order to establish some intimate relationship, or rapport, with them, which is of vital importance to the final outcome of students' learning outcome and academic performance. Leo, my TEOFL oral English teacher, for example, is extensively regarded as a good teacher who knows how to improve our scores in TOEFL by finding numerous ways to relate to us. He virtually remembers every detail, every anecdote of us and makes good use of these for classroom...
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