How to Run a High School

Topics: Education, Han Dynasty, Teacher Pages: 1 (391 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Dmitriy B.
World History I

Best Way To Run A High School

The Chinese have 3 major philosophical ways to run a group of people: these are Confucianism, Daoism, and Legalism. 2 of these are rather extreme to a point in which they are simply not used or to strict to work out properly. Leaving us with something not too harsh, yet not to out there- this is Confucianism. A high school is not only a place where kids get an education, but rather a social collaboration zone where you meet new people. In Confucianism there are five basic relationship; "ruler/subject"- the most visible in a school environment, "father/son", "husband/wife", "brother/brother", "friend/friend". In a system under which it is important to maintain each one of these to have a solid life- it a good reason to run a school by these because you do not get your social and home lives mixed up- leading to better grades. Confucius, past CEO (who would have guessed), himself was a teacher of a verity of things. This leads to him being educated in the concept of school, and gaining knowledge- leading to a more experienced founder of an educational system (the base of what high school theoretically is). Some of us study more than others, some don't study at all but "to study without thinking is futile, and to think without studying is dangerous"(2.15). That meaning don't study hazily- have some meaning behind what you're doing. It shouldn't be that you just mindlessly read through a whole book, and not gaining or remembering {from} what you just read, but at the same time one mustn't make blunt statements without the most minimalistic proof around there theory, let alone later start an argument with a person who is well educated on the subject at hand. Confucius also pointed out that you should "make it your grand principle to do your best friend for others, and to trustworthy in what you say. Do not accept as friend anyone who is not as good as you"(1.8). This focuses in more on the...
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