Footwear International

Topics: Islam, Muslim, The Culture Pages: 3 (1011 words) Published: April 14, 2013
INternational Management|
Case Study 1|
Footwear International|
Brandon Hingtgen|


This case study of Footwear International demonstrates the cultural differences in society. It shows the consequences when a society, like Bangladesh, get interpreted the wrong way by the people. John Carlson from Footwear International experienced an innocent mishap within his company, which had disrespected many people. He needs to let the people know that it was an honest mistake and that Footwear International will do whatever it takes to correct the problem.

Footwear International is a multinational manufacturer and marketer of footwear that has 83 companies in 70 different countries. One of these locations is located in Bangladesh, which has been through a lot of political unrest in past. The expansion of Footwear International found itself in the same time period of political unrest. With that being said, they found themselves in sales of excess of ten million pairs of footwear which gave the company fifteen percent of the national market.

Footwear Bangladesh found themselves with strengths. They were introducing over three hundred new products that were released annually. They were helping out the economic nature of Bangladesh by employing eighteen hundred people with Bangladeshi decent. Financially they were a medium contributor to the Footwear organization as they had yearly revenue of one million dollars. Overall, Footwear Bangladesh was looking into the right direction as they had room for potential growth in consumer education and competitive pressure.

Everything went from good to bad, to even worse for Managing Director John Carlson, after he was shown the pro-Libyan newspaper article. It had read that his company had offended the potential of millions of Muslims. A design of an insole from a women’s style sandal was the target. This article was started by a student group at a local university. John Carlson was very...
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