Football as a Desirable Life

Topics: American football, Play, Player Pages: 2 (713 words) Published: March 25, 2013

Why do children want to be a football player? Why also their parents encourage them to be a football player? Because it has satisfaying reasons for people whose life involves football and it is easy to play with just one ball in an open area. Also children playing football can be chosen easily by the professionals in their early life. Therfore, the gates of the world which they have dreamed open. So, playing in a football team has two benefits about player’ character and opportunities. To begin with, playing in a football team improves and molds the player’s character. Playing in a football team builds self-confidence and betters it. Players usually set goals for themselves when they have begun to football. They believe in themselves and want to show their success to their family and friends. So, they start to work hard to reach those goals. When they achieve their goals with people’s testimony, they obtain unbreakable self-confidence. Children who began to football in their childhood grow up faster than the children who did not thanks to strong self-confidence. Football not only affects players in their childhood, it also affects them in their latter life when they win. Because football teams compete in a football leauge in their own country. They are playig to be best in the leauge. So they have to believe in themselves and play well. When they became champion of the leauge it means that they are the best team of the country therefore, their self-confidence increases. Football also makes players take responsiblities and risks for themselves and for the team. For example a goal-keeper has a lot of responsibilities and pressure on his shoulder. Also other players feel the same thing but not as the same as the goal-keeper. Players have to play well enough and do their job well but no one win everytime. Players must be prepared for both success and failure therefore players have to be mentally ready. So football is...
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