Food Safety

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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Learning from Worldview and Adjustments in Problem Statement

Initially, the worldview about the chosen problem was taken into account as an act to bring the improvement in the legislation with the need to provide safety and protection to the food items imported, manufactured and processed in the regions of the United States. In the beginning, it was further viewed as preventive measures for the food borne in the United States based on the related reports addressing the increasing severity of the problem. Throughout the process of researching and creating understanding of the problem, new information and angle of the phenomenon has been gained. After conducting and drafting a thorough proposal document on the impact of Food Safety Modernization Act on the organizations in the United States, it is found that there are numerous aspects of this problem. This study has not considered the infrastructure and system of food industry in the United States, which has been necessary in order to assess the implications of the Food Safety Modernization Act and impacts on the organizations in the industry. However, increasing food borne is the immediate issue, which compelled the government to make the necessary legislative measure to improve the conditions. The evaluation of food industry and the system of the industry in the United States is considerable to comprehend and assess the nature of the phenomena. It is found that food industry is one of the largest industries in the United States while a number and foreign entities are involved in the industry through the activity of food manufacturing, importing and processing (FDA, 2012). Such evaluation can help in linking the current problem with the structure of the industry. In addition, problem statement mainly revolves around identification and evaluation of impacts of Food Safety Modernization Act on the organization operating in the United States, and after understanding the significance of food-industry...
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