Flynn Fuller

Topics: Demonstration, Management consulting, The Conclusion Pages: 2 (317 words) Published: December 19, 2012
The third objective is to differentiate from other consulting firms. Flynn Fuller should pitch from the flowing three aspects:

First, Insights and proven methodology
Flynn Fuller’s adequate knowledge and understanding of the industry as well as up to date techniques could ensure Flynn Fuller delivers its unique insights to GloBank. An impactful demonstration of past cases could also help to explain its rigorous methodology, as a result of which, the confidence of clients could be elevated.

Second, Research and taskforce capability
We also recommend that Flynn Fuller should mention that it has 150 competent consultants who are specialized in banking and have provided services to GloBank all over the years to show that Flynn Fuller has abundant research and taskforce capabilities.

And third, Risk-sharing mechanism
Flynn Fuller should show an attitude to share risks with GloBank, impose a performance-based rewards system and use it to leverage with Maloney.

Here comes to the conclusion part.

From the arguments that we have made in the previous slides, it is obvious that Flynn Fuller should use its performance to gain trust from Maloney and indicate him that the engagement is a win-win relationship.

Second, Flynn Fuller should prove that consultants are quite useful by demonstrating that GloBank could perform better with the help of consultants, which will further eliminate Maloney’s potential prejudice towards consultants.

Third, Flynn Fuller should demonstrate that is has the capacity to achieve successful outcomes. The market pressure on GloBank, especially on Maloney’s shoulder could be effectively released.

Fourth, Flynn Fuller should be willing to enter into a risk-sharing relationship, and ready to obtain rewards based on GloBank’s success.

Consequently, following the recommendations that we have proposed here, Flynn Fuller could maximize its effort to convince Maloney that it is worthwhile keeping it staying around as long as...
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