Flying: Aviator and Central Theme Merrily

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Write a story with ‘Flying’ as a central theme

Merrily chirping and whistling as if creating a song, the little finch released its grip on the outstretching tree branch, flapping its wings, and up it flew soaring gracefully in the wind. And there was me, lying back on the green grass below, eyes following the tiny bird as it wondered around the blue white landscape freely. A hardly tangible envy roused up in my heart. I knew that it was the most picture-perfect scene I could have ever wished for. This sense was nearly unbearable, and I could only witness the freedom in the sky. Yes, I wanted to fly.

Advancing technology nowadays has it that everyone can fly. With the invention and development of airplanes, everybody can now travel around the world in planes going about their own business. Telecommunication such as telephones and Internet has made it very easy to book for flights by just a click with a fingertip. But, that was not what I had been wishing for. I wanted to fly myself. I wanted to become a ‘flying’ pilot.

This ambition had unknowingly followed me through my childhood and into adulthood. Becoming a pilot was not as simple as I had imagined. I admit that I am not a so called fast learner, but being a pilot is not just about handling the controls in the cockpit, it takes a great responsibility on the passengers on board. Having a hint of fear of this responsibility, I completely flunked in my pilot license test.

Since I was young, I always have a ‘Never give up’ motto in my mind. The failure of the test indeed disappointed me by a little, but as usual the mammoth determination inside me never faded away. There is always a silver lining in the clouds. With some help from my faraway American-born uncle who is a professional pilot, I finally obtained my license.

Sitting in the cockpit glancing at all the complicated controls will still sometimes make my heart beat like a drum furiously. Keeping my sweaty hands and heartbeat steady, I...
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