The Invention of the Airplane

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The Invention of The Airplane
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The invention of airplane was a long process. It took lot of effort and patience. Leonardo Da Vinci did some research in the 1400’s that held the engineering of many gliders done by George Cayley, Otto Lilienthal and the Wrights brothers. George Cayley made the first glider capable of carrying a human. Otto Lilienthal marked the beginning of the experimental period of active research on heavier-than-air flight. His efforts and successes lent others the courage to follow on his footsteps. Finally, the Wright brothers succeeded in the first heavier-than-air craft to fly.

The research, collaboration and organization of the essay was done by Berioska, Everlidis and Cristian. Typing and power point presentation was made by Cristian.

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The Invention of The Airplane

Humanity’s desire to fly probably dates to the first time prehistoric man observed birds. The discovery of the kite that could fly in the air by the Chinese made human think about flying. For many centuries, humans tried to fly just like birds and have studied the flight of birds. Wings made of feathers or light weight wood was attached to arms to test their ability to fly. The results were often disastrous as the muscles of the human arms are not like a bird and cannot move with the strength of a bird. The invention of the airplane wasn’t an easy task; it took many years to accomplish, a lot of research and experiment before they succeeded it what is now a major part in our transportation means.

According to our research, “Early History of Flight”, first studies of flying were made by Leonardo Da Vinci on 1480. He design a flying machine named Ornithopter to show how a man could fly. Although, the machine was never created this concept was later on used to design the modern helicopter. It is also is known that in...
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