Flyers Teacher's Book Test Questions

Topics: The Speaker Pages: 4 (1829 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Flyer Practice test 6
41.Where is the woman going today? (A) To a trade exhibition. (B) To meet a client. (C) To the home office. (D) To their factory 42. What time is the flight? A/ 10:00. B/ 12:00. C/ 01:00. D/ 02:00. 43. Where will they meet? (A) At the trade exhibition. (B) At a coffee shop. (C) At the home office. (D) At a restaurant. 44. When is the date of the conference? (A) This Monday. (B) Next week. (C) In two weeks. (D) Next month 45. What is the problem? (A) Mr. Nolan cannot attend the conference. (B) Paul mistakenly made two conflicting plans (C) Sally forgot to book the rooms. (D) Mr. Singh has not returned from his trip. 46. Who most likely is going to make the presentation in New York? A/ Mr. Nolan. B/ Sally. C/ Paul. D/ Mr. Singh 47. Why is the man relieved? (A) John has finally returned from his vacation. (B) A replacement for a vacant position has been found. (C) The ads Henry took out are bringing in results. (D) A high-paying job has been offered to him. 48. Where did Henry work before? A/ At a newspaper company. B/ At a computer Internet company. C/ At a job recruiting agency D/ At the company’s branch office. 49. What will happen next Monday? (A) The company ad will be printed. (B) A branch office will open. (C) A new employee will start a job. (D) There will be a retirement party for John. 50. Where is the conversation most likely taking place? A/ At a toy store. B/ At an airport. C/ At a record store. D/ At a travel agency. 51. What does the man complain about? (A) How heavy his bag is. (B) How far the airport is. (C) How expensive the tickets are. (D) How difficult it is to get home. 52. What can be inferred about the woman? (A) She does not like to travel. (B) She only buys expensive things. (C) She has many children. (D) She has been here many times. 53. What are they talking about? (A) The college the woman had attended. (B) A newspaper article the woman had read. (C) The economic situation of the nation. (D) The man's new...
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