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老托福历年真题无老师的 专供版

老托福 2000 年 1 月-2005 年 8 月真题
所有真题+答案 1.0 版

无老师的 专供版

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老托福历年真题无老师的 专供版

2000 年 1 月 TOEFL 试题
Section One: Listening Comprehension
1. (A) Spend more time working on calculus problems. (B) Talk to an advisor about dropping the course. (C) Work on the assignment with a classmate. (D) Ask the graduate assistant for help. 2. (A) Go home to get a book. (B) Return a book to the library. (C) Pick up a book at the library for the woman. (D) Ask the librarian for help in finding a book. 3. (A) The woman could use his metric ruler. (B) He'll finish taking the measurements for the woman. (C) The woman's ruler is better than his. (D) He's faster at making the conversions than the woman. 4. (A) She wants the man to attend the tournament with her. (B) The tournament begins next week. (C) The man should check with his doctor again (D) She hopes the man will be able to play in the tournament. 5. (A) The advisor has already approved the man's class schedule. (B) The man should make an appointment to see his advisor. (C) The man should change his course schedule. (D) The man should sign the document before leaving. 6. (A) She didn't teach class today. (B) She noticed that the students didn't do their homework. (C) She usually assigns homework. (D) She usually talks quietly. 7. (A) It started to rain when she was at the beach. (B) She'd like the man to go to the beach with her. (C) The forecast calls for more rain tomorrow. (D) She won't go to the beach tomorrow if it rains. 8. (A) She disagrees with the man. (B) She doesn't enjoy long speeches. (C) She hadn't known how long the speech would be. (D) She doesn't have a strong opinion about the speaker 9. (A) He makes more money than the woman. (B) He's satisfied with his job. (C) He had trouble finding a job. (D) He doesn't like working outdoors. 10. (A) He has already finished his report. (B) He hasn't chosen a topic for his report. (C) The woman's report is already long enough. (D) The woman will have time to finish her report 11. (A) She'll speak to Larry about the problem. (B) Larry has apologized to his roommate. (C) Larry should find a new roommate. (D) Larry's roommate may be partly responsible for the problem. 12. (A) The man should take his vacation somewhere else. (B) She doesn't know when her semester ends. (C) She hasn't called the travel agent yet (D) The man may have to reschedule his trip. 13. (A) She didn't work hard enough on it (B) It'wasn't as good as she thought (C) Her professor was pleased with it. (D) It was written according to the professor's guidelines. 14. (A) Go to the ballet later in the year. (B) Take ballet lessons with his sister. (C) Get a schedule of future performances. (D) Get a ticket from his sister. 15. (A) Her hotel is located far from the conference center (B) She didn't want to stay at the Gordon. (C) The man should consider moving to a different hotel. (D) She isn't sure how to get to the conference

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老托福历年真题无老师的 专供版

center. 16. (A) Few readers agreed with his ideas. (B) Very few people have read his article. (C) He doesn't expect the article to be published. (D) The woman doesn't fully understand the article, 17. (A) He'll go with the woman to the next hockey game. (B) He missed the hockey game because he was ill. (C) He forgot about the hockey game. (D) He doesn't like to go to hockey games. 18. (A) Karen can drive to the airport on Tuesday. (B) Karen can attend the meeting on Tuesday. (C) Karen had to change her plans at the last minute. (D) Karen is returning from a trip on Tuesday. 19. (A) Call her after five. (B) Make calls from her phone. (C) Go to the meeting with her. (D) Fix her phone. 20. (A) Look for more information for their financial plan. (B) Ask for more time to finish their financial plan. (C) Finish their financial plan with the material available to them. (D) Turn in their financial plan late. 21. (A) He...
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