Fluff and Fold Marketing Plan

Topics: Laundry, Target market, Washing machine Pages: 17 (5463 words) Published: October 9, 2011
1. Executive Summary
Fluff & Fold is a full service laundry parlor dedicated to consistently provide high customer satisfaction to our clients with the wide range of services we offer. The company focuses on the value of quality laundry service coupled with prompt and friendly service always maximizing the customers’ convenience. The target market of the company includes students, yuppies and tourists who only rent accommodations in the city, especially those who boards near UPV, JBLFMU and IDC. We see it as our company’s duty to ease these people from the burden of washing their own clothes and give them more time to do things that are more to their interest like taking care of their academic activities, improving their careers, and have more time for leisure.

Our services encompass all of laundry needs including washing, drying, pressing, folding, dry cleaning and washing of special clothing and articles like bags and stuff toys. All these services are priced competitively with the company using value-based and competition-based pricing in order to come-up with a price that is affordable even for students. Because we pioneer on convenience we also offer “rush wash services”. We also offer free pick-up and delivery services for laundries with the lowest weight requirement in Iloilo. Pick-up and delivery service will be free for laundries reaching 4Kilograms and to a minimum of P250 worth of service on special articles and clothing.

The laundry parlor will be located on Gen. Luna St., Iloilo City in front of UPV campus in order to accommodate more of the target market’s population since many students live in the surrounding area. Because of our delivery facilities we can also accommodate laundry jobs in other parts of Iloilo city.

The business will be initially funded through bank loans and the minimum capital requirement is P500,000. The company policy regarding loans and debt is to set percentage of monthly sales for payment of loans and debts.

2. Situation Analysis
2.1. Market Needs
Before the popularity of washing machines laundry chores have been very tiresome and tedious that households hire someone else to perform manual laundry services for the family. Since the washing machine’s prices were made affordable that even low-income households can afford it, many people have gone back to washing their own laundries. However, professionals and students sometimes find it difficult to fit washing the laundry in their busy schedules. Now a number of laundry shops have risen to cater to this need. The laundry service even attracted more customers since the prices charged is low compared to the benefit or convenience of having more time for other productive things when their laundry were done by others.

As Iloilo city commercialize and the number of business and schools grow people from nearby municipalities move in the city or rent boarding houses and apartments in order to stay near their work and education. Although some boarding houses and dormitories allow their occupants to wash clothes inside the premises they usually charge an additional payment when using washing machines and spaces where clothes are hung to dry are minimal. Other dormitories and boarding houses on the other hand do not allow boarders to wash clothes in the premises. In both instances the common practice of boarders and dormers is to wash a few clothes in their boarding houses and bring home the rest of their dirty clothes. Those who are well-off just hire laundry services.

However users of laundry services in Iloilo city complain about clothes mixed in with other customers’, some clothes being lost or bled with other colors, and damaged clothing. When the clothes to wash are too many it also becomes troublesome for them to bring them to the laundry shop especially when some boarding houses and apartments are far from these shops. The above mentioned circumstances show the need for a laundry shop that...
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