Travel: English Language and Smart Packing Tips

Topics: India, English language, Tamil language Pages: 3 (519 words) Published: February 1, 2013
Wear your smile and stick tight to your sense of humor. It will definitely help you through the myriad complexities that make up a trip to this fascinating region.
Smart Packing Tips
The lighter the bag, the lesser you sag ! Nothing new to say here except 'Travel Light'. Yet, in your enthusiasm to have a weightless bag, do not throw out the essentials.

Travel Safety Tips and Luggage Tips for India

Cottons or synthetic blends are most practical for Indian summers. Don't get synthetics that don't 'breathe' - they'll make you what else but breathless !

The sun will usually be glaring at you most of the day. So a wide brimmed hat and sun glasses are a must. Winters can be chilly. Come armed with sweaters and light jackets. A collapsible umbrella will help you stay dry during the sometimes-sudden, sometimes-continuous rain during the monsoons.

Sun screen lotion (lots of it) should be a permanent part of your bag. Also carry a sewing kit, pre-moistened towelettes, pocket knife with can opener, lock and key for each duffel or bag, impact-resistant flashlight, spare batteries (unless they're a popular size). Sports enthusiasts should bring their own tennis or golf balls – these are expensive in India. A blow-up neck pillow is excellent for buses and trains. Eye patches add to comfort. If train traveling, a bike chain is a must to lock your packs up on trains. A good first aid kit you should have too.

If you are a mountain goat or a trekker, bring a day pack that will hold some essentials like sweater, camera, water bottle etc.

Delicate fabrics will get the care and attention they need only at a 5 stars’ laundry room. If you aren’t staying at one, think twice before carrying them. Language Tips in India

For most parts of India, you won't really need to mug up any local lingo. You possibly cannot - there are 18 recognized languages and over 1600 minor languages and dialects ! But there is good news. Elementary English is commonly...
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