Flower Arrangement Workshop for Young Entrepreneurs

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BS Entrepreneurship1Mrs. Anne Marie F. Bagadion, MBA

Reflection Paper
Flower Arrangement Workshop for Young Entrepreneurs

Life is indeed full of twists and turns. You’ll never know which path you’ll be taking in the near future and all you can do is just be flexible in whatever life brings you and make the most out of it.

Last Saturday, we had a workshop, it consisted 2 sessions; one in the morning and one in the afternoon. I was a bit bored during the first part of the session where Mr. Erwin told us more like his biography, but as he continued to share his knowledge and experiences, I somehow got interested into listening. He shared how and where his attention was first caught by an arrangement in their chapel in Canaman and how he perceived it to be – he didn’t liked how it was made and for him the arrangement was awful. At a very young age, two of his competencies an entrepreneur were triggered. For him being committed to the work contract as well as having the demand for quality and efficiency is important. Making an output with good quality at the lowest possible cost became one of his standards. I remembered what he said during the talk “dapat palaging may quality yung ginagawa mo, kasi pag wala yung quality nonsense din yung gawa mo.” He showed us some of his works and it really shows how he is committed in doing his best in doing his works.

As he continued sharing his stories, I noticed that he had also demonstrated some other competencies; he has self confidence – he believes in himself and he doesn’t doubt his capabilities. And he takes pride in his works. Next, he is good in practicing his skill regarding Persuasion and Networking. He is good in convincing his customers whenever he has an idea that is much better or rather, more appropriate than what they have in mind. And he has and maintains a good link with other people in order to maintain his business. Plus he also uses it as...
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