Lesson Learned from the Interview

Topics: Interview, United Arab Emirates, Employment Pages: 2 (547 words) Published: April 9, 2013

Advices when interviewing for work
Based on his past experiences, since he had interviewed many contestants who applied for the required job, usually the interviewer will asked the interviewee what courses did they took and what his or her favourite subject? Explain in general or detail from the courses that the interviewee took from the past. For example, his or her favourite subject is marketing management. Please dont answer it by saying that “sorry, i don’t know how to explain and answer the question because i was forgot”. Hence, the inteviewer will not interested to the inteviewee. The interviewee must find a job which matched their interest. The inteviewee do not have to force themselves to do a job which not interested unless if it is last option for them. The inteviewer cannot give our best, if the job is not your favourite.

Before searching the job
Firstly, the inteviewee must have a full and extended knowledge about the job that they want to apply. Besides, the skills and experiences are very important in applying any job instead just having good academic background achievements. During practical after graduated, the inteviewee should learned and gained some skills from the task or work that have been given to them during their practical. From there, the employer and we as practical students should and must have gained some useful knowledge and experiences to be used on real career world later. Every single thing that we done will be analyzed and judged by upper management and that is very important to determine whether we can performed or not.

Before we end our interview session, we ask him one last question. The lesson that can we learn from his past experience in starting his career from zero to hero. And by that he agreed to share some of his experiences with some advices and lessons in boosting up our motivations. In his career, we must understand the basic...
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