Flip Flops Marketing

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Joe Cipriani
Public Awareness Campaign
Flip Flops
University of Miami

Selection of Target Market

University of Miami Students-
The amount of school spirit at the U is superb! Students love showing off their school colors, especially through clothing. What better way to get the students showing off their school colors in the warm Miami sun than University of Miami Flip Flips!

Families of UM Students-
One way family members like to show off their child’s success is through wearing their school colors! Not as noticeable as the average college sweatshirt but fashionable enough to catch an eye!

Even after they finished college, former UM students pride themselves on the wonderful college they attended, and what better way than by wearing flip flops!

Place Decision

School Store-
What better way for students to grab their college gear than at the school store. Everyday students pass it. For students flip flops are an awesome way to show school spirit because they are inexpensive.

Online Store-
If someone wants to get a pair but isn’t near the college they could log on to the school website and order a pair.

Bobs Stores-
Every time someone walks into Bobs stores the first thing they will see is college gear. Around the warmer seasons flip flops would be a top seller there.

Alumni Functions-
Each and every year alumni’s will return to UM for such things as football games and class reunions. At these events alumni’s usually purchase a piece of the schools gear, setting up a flip flop booth there would make it easy for them to purchase.

3. Promotion Decisions

School E-Mail-
An email could be sent to all UD students advertising the flip flops.

b.Announcements at Sporting Events-
Anyone true UM fan would be at their teams sporting event, announcing the sale of flip flops would let people know.

c. Bob Store Flyers and Website-
If Bobs stores have the product in stock they could promote...
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