Flickerball: A Fast-Paced Sport

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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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Flickerball is a fast pace sport that very similar to football and basketball. It consists 6 to 40 players divided into two teams throwing, running and catching a football. It is played either in the gym or on an outside field. There are no regulations regarding the length of the game or time-outs but most games usually last about 40 minutes. Players score by successfully get the ball to their goal. Flickerball was created by Davidson College in 1951 for an alternative for football. Flickerball is very similar to American football. It is usually played in gym classes. The offensive game rules are that players are divided into two equal teams. One team taking the ball at their 10 yard line starts the game. Only passing and catching may advance the football. Passes may be overhand, underhand, or sidearm and in any direction but must go at least 5 years. Hand-offs are illegal. Players most stop once they have caught the ball and past it within 5 seconds. If the ball touches the ground or floor the ball goes to the other team. There are no downs as the ball is continuously in play. It is a touch down when a player catches a pass in the end zone. All touchdowns are worth 1 point. The game is played best when the offensive team spreads out and keeps moving using the entire field. The defensive game rules are, each player stands near an opponent in a person to person defense. The defense must remain 5 yards away from the passer. The defensive team is expected to play person to person defense. Penalties in this sport include unnecessary roughness, pushing and guarding too closely. A player committing a penalty is removed from the game for 30 seconds as play continues while the penalized team must play a player short until their team returns to full strength. Over all Flickerball is a fun fast pace sport that should be played by more people. It is unique in many ways because it puts many different sports together....
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