Five Themes of Biology

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  • Published : November 18, 2012
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The Five Themes of Biology

Transfer of energy: the movement of energy from one place to another, matter can not be created nor destroyed Bioheat transfer: heat transfer in biological systems. How heat moves from one compartment, be it within the body or external to the body, to another compartment in the body Osmosis: Water moving from high concentration to a low concentration Diffusion: Particles moving from high concentration to a low concentration

Unity and Diversity: how things are similar and different
Every cell has DNA but some DNA in cells have different sequences Every organism has cells but some cells have different jobs like blood cells transport nutrients and oxygen. All cells contain organelles but not all cells have the same organelles like some cells might not have a nucleus

Organization: the structure or arrangement of things and how they have order Food Web: a diagram that shows the flow of energy in an ecosystem and organizes what the producers, consumers, and decomposers are in the ecosystem The hierarchy of life: show all the structures of organisms from the molecule to an ecosystem The Six Kingdoms: every living thing belongs to a kingdom, humans are put into the animalia Kingdom and grass is put into the plantae

Homeostasis: keeping an internal balance
When blood pressure rises, the heart slows down because it might damage the arteries When glucose levels in the blood are too high, the pancreas secretes insulin to stimulate the absorption of glucose and the conversion of glucose into glycogen. when blood glucose level drop, glucagon converts glycogen to glucose, in order to retain homeostasis. We produce waste, some of which is collected in the blood, filtered out by the kidney and passed as urine.

Structure meets function: When the physiology of an organism aids in its daily activities Bones in a human body are strong to protect vital organs, like the ribs in a human protects the lungs Bull’s have horns to protect...
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