Five Personality Ultimate Apple Marketing Strategy

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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Five personality ultimate Apple marketing strategy
1. have not the first marketing campaign
Often the more unknown things coming, the more people will want desperately to know the truth. "Curiosity killed the cat," said that this human nature, good people and enterprises to take advantage of this crowd and watch the mind, can you also can do that using low-cost publicity. For example, singer Faye Wong, the singer has a number of days after the amazing and ultra-loyal fans, and not to please her fans, her proud and independent, and often makes the collapse of personality emerge remarks. But this is her character, attracting many loyal fans chase worship. Filled with commercial promotion in the world, to create a momentum of its objectives is to ensure that the marketing of products become the talk, more importantly, to ensure that such talk itself is valid. Apple will mark the times of their products promoted as the meaning of the items, will boast its advanced technological innovation of hype for customers eager to get intoxicated, but eventually you will find that your home is to buy a cell phone or a Ministry with "smart" phone. (2) hunger marketing

Apple's product is so popular, largely from the control of its supply on the market, that is, relative to the market in a "starvation" state, which is conducive to maintaining the stability of prices of their products and product upgrades of control. iPhone sales is clearly representative of this strategy. Since listing, the market for this product no matter how high the voice of Apple's always a limited supply. Perhaps because many people can not buy, and buy one to try. Some even spend a lot of costs have been something he does not understand, he would be satisfied with the joy and sometimes no clear idea what they want, while Apple's marketing is just the advantage of hungry people this kinds of trendy, stylish psychological recovery. Apple and Steve Jobs, proud and strong, a lot of consumer products such as...
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