Fitness: Personal Life and Healthy Active Lifestyle

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Fitness Goal Setting
1. What does it mean to live a healthy active lifestyle?
Healthy living means making choices to improve your health and minimize controllable illnesses and diseases. Active living is doing physical activities in order to improve your fitness level. The two go together. Choosing a healthy active lifestyle will enhance all aspects of what we generally call "health" or "wellness. “There are four dimensions to healthy active living, and they are all closely interconnected. Moreover, each of them is under your own control. You can consider yourself to have a healthy lifestyle if you have good physical, mental, social, and spiritual health. Good physical health is a result of all your body's important functions working well together. A person in good physical health can more easily to fight off disease, recover from illness, and perform daily routines without feeling tired. Good mental health is a result of positive feelings about you and about others. Your mental health can influence your decisions. A person in good mental health can more easily to deal with stress, cope with change and maintain a positive outlook on life. Good social health is a result of your interactions with others and of coping well with social situations. Social health can be built through friendships, participation in community groups, and volunteer work. A person in good social health can more easily to feel close and connected to other people, understand his or her own self-worth and cope with life's ups and downs. Good spiritual health gives peace of mind. Spirituality can be gained and expressed in the way you play a musical instrument, dance, work with art materials, or through religion. It can also be apparent through reaching out to help others in ways that restore their dignity and self-worth. Good spiritual health can give your life a purpose to provide you with stress relief and help you develop support systems. Focusing on each of these dimensions, and...
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