Fishbone Diagram

Topics: Ishikawa diagram, Room, Hotel Pages: 2 (323 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Fishbone Diagram Part 1 Individual Project

Fishbone diagram allows Hotel Escargo to turn the problem upside down working through the roots so that the issue is fixed. It is also easier to fix the smaller problems that lead to the main problem. Looking at the check-in delays, there are a lot of small issues that have led to this occurrence. The first issue is computer malfunctions. Often times, computers tend to freeze due to glitches in the used software causing them to lose customers entering information. This issue causes customers not to get their room which is a check-in delay. Another issue is not having valid and filed credit cards. When checking in, some customers enter the hotel with credit cards that are either expired, maxed out, or not in service. This leads to customers not being able to check-in their room which is another check-in delay. Not having rooms prepared for guests because of a slow cleaning crew leads to check-in delays. Having no available bellmen due to them assisting other customers also leads to check-in time delays. This results from having a shortage of bellmen. Bad front desk service due to them being slow, unorganized, and having a shortage of workers leads to check-in delays. Last but not least, not having a pre-reserved room also leads to check-in delays because individuals have to go through the reservation process the day they try to get a room. If all of these issues are taken care of, check-in delays will be eliminated.


No valid and filed credit cards

Malfunctions with computer

Cleaning Crew

Maxed Out

No rooms prepared





Card not in use or service

Loses Customer Information

Check-In time Delays

Worker Shortage



Having to go through reservation process

Bellmen Shortage...
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