First Chances Project: Course Outline

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First Chances
Course Outline

Welcome to the First Chances Project!
Topic Choices:
* Health Education eg. Diseases/illnesses, diet and fitness, the NHS, developing countries. * Medical Ethics eg. Euthanasia, patient consent, human genetics, cloning. * Future of Medicine eg. Robotic surgery, new technology, drugs vs natural remedies. Sustainable Development

* Climate Change eg. Effects such as loss of habitat, melting glaciers; evidence and statistics; what is being done to reduce/stop global warming? * Conservation eg. Wildlife extinction and reasons for preservation, why is it happening and what is being done? * Energy eg. Alternative energy sources, what is viable and how much will it cost? Assessment:

PowerPoint Presentation40%
1500 Word Report/Essay40%
Log Book & E-mentoring 20%

The PowerPoint Presentation and Essay make up 80% of the marks for the First Chances project. Your log book and E-mentoring trail via StAN (St Andrews Access Network) is worth 20% of the marks.

StAN web address:

Residential Guidelines

The whole point of the next three days is to set up the programme and give you as much information as you need to get started with your project. After the summer you will be allocated student mentors to help you as well. However, because we want you to get the most out of your time in St Andrews there needs to be some guidelines so that we all know what we are doing and where we should be. Therefore the following should be remembered throughout the next few days. * There will be meetings taking place on a regular basis so that events can be explained and so that everyone can be notified of any changes to the day. These will take place at various venues: 8:45 (after breakfast in Chemistry Purdie Building Lecture Theatre B) and 18:00 (after dinner in the Hall of Residence). * You will be supervised by the teachers attending from your school....
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