Financial Performance Analysis of Sonali Bank Limited

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Financial Performance Analysis of Sonali Bank Limited
Executive Summary
Commercial Banks are one of the key contributors to the economy of Bangladesh. As a commercial bank, how much Sonali Bank Limited contributing the people of Bangladesh in case of forming capital, lending funds, collecting remittances from aboard, controlling default loan and banking services encourages us to study its financial activities and performance. It is the largest commercial bank which was established in 1972 with the vision to stand out as a pioneer banking institution in Bangladesh and contribute significantly to the national economy. The authorized capital of the Bank is Tk. 10.00 Billion. Its capital and reserve reached Tk.400 billion as on June 31, 2009. The bank had 26,085 staff of whom January 31, 2010. They provide different kind of product and services. Sonali Bank Limited believes in sound and effective governance as a preferred priority. The Board of Directors is the body responsible for corporate governance, devising policies, determining objectives for stewardship of Bank’s resources. The pace of development of a financial institution is primarily based upon its ability to develop and utilize the innate capacities of its employees. The bank has completed 38th year of banking operations with a network o 1182 branches recording significant growth in business and profitability. As an Intern, I had the opportunity to do the different types of tasks under Sonali Bank Limited. During the internship period, I have used my observations and gained experiences about various banking functions and day-today operations. Sonali Bank Limited provides different types of services to its customer’s like- •Merchant Banking.

Foreign exchange.
General banking etc.
I segmented my report into nine chapters. First covers the introduction about the report, second chapter covers the literature review. Third chapter is the organizational overview of Sonali Bank Limited. Fourth chapter is for the services provided by Sonali Bank Limited; Fifth chapter includes special schemes of Sonali Bank Limited, Sixth chapter is for evaluating the financial performance of Sonali Bank Limited and remaining chapter consists of finding, limitations and recommendations. This report will provide a view regarding the products and performance of the Sonali Bank Limited. 1.1 Introduction of the Report

Banks play the most important role in the economy. Banks collect money from the individuals and lend them to others. Now banks offer the widest range of financial services and perform lots of financial functions. Thus banks have proven that they are the key factor for the business and economy as well. Sonali Bank Limited is the largest banking institution in Bangladesh, dynamic in actions, honest in dealings, just in judgment, fair in approaches and devoted to high quality service to customers and thereby contribute to the growth of GDP of the country throughout stimulating trade and commerce, boosting up export, poverty alleviation, raising living standard of limited income group and overall sustainable socio-economic development in the country. To achieve the aforesaid objectives of the Bank, different banking activities must play an active role to provide the financial assistance to the customer who also helps them by providing them with management assistance when needed. Sonali Bank Limited has played this role with their experiences in the banking sector where the others are not merely performed. The internship report comprises a brief study on the Sonali Bank Limited during three months internship. The report is distributed in many parts according to nature and requirement of organization and according to the instructions of supervisor of report. 1.2 Justification of the study

Internship Program is a mandatory program for all students of B.B.A under National University. Practical orientation is a positive development in professional area. Recognizing the...
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