Financial Management

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Financial Management


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For any clarification regarding this book, the students may please write to us giving the above reference number of this book specifying chapter and page number. While every possible care has been taken in type-setting and printing this book, we welcome suggestions from students for improvement in future editions.

The ICFAI University has been upgrading its study material to make it more beneficial to the students for self-study through the Distance Learning mode.
We are delighted to publish a workbook for the benefit of the students preparing for the examinations. The workbook is divided into three parts.
Effective from April, 2003, the examinations for all the subjects of DBF/CFA (Level-I) consist of only multiple choice questions.
Brief Summaries of Chapters
A brief summary for each of the chapters in the textbook is given for easy recollection of the topics studied.
Part I: Questions on Basic Concepts and Answers (with Explanatory Notes) Students are advised to go through the relevant textbook carefully and understand the subject thoroughly before attempting Part I. In no circumstances should the students attempt Part I without fully grasping the subject material provided in the textbook. Frequently used Formulae

Similarly the formulae used in the various topics have been given here for easy recollection while working out the problems.
Part II: Problems and Solutions
The students should attempt Part II only after carefully going through all the solved examples in the textbook. A few repetitive problems are provided for the students to have sufficient practice. Part III: Model Question Papers (with Suggested Answers)

The Model Question Papers are included in Part III of this workbook. The students should attempt all model question papers under simulated examination environment. They should self score their answers by comparing them with the model answers. Each paper consists of Part A and Part B. Part A is intended to test the conceptual understanding of the students. It contains 40 questions carrying one point each. Part B contains problems with an aggregate weightage of 60 points. Please remember that the ICFAI University examinations follow high standards that demand rigorous preparation. Students have to prepare well to meet these standards. There are no shortcuts to success. We hope that the students will find this workbook useful in preparing for the ICFAI University examinations.

Work Hard. Work Smart. Work Regularly. You have every chance to succeed. All the best.


Brief Summaries of Chapters
Part I: Questions on Basic Concepts and Answers (with Explanatory Notes)


Frequently Used Formulae


Part II: Problems and Solutions


Part III: Model Question Papers (with Suggested Answers)


Brief Summaries of Chapters


Part I: Questions on Basic Concepts and Answers (with Explanatory Notes)


Frequently Used Formulae


Part II: Problems and Solutions


Part III: Model Question Papers (with Suggested Answers)


Detailed Curriculum
Paper I
Introduction to Financial Management: Objectives, Functions and Scope, Evolution, Interface of Financial Management with Other Functional Areas, Environment of Corporate Finance. Indian Financial System:

a. Financial Markets: Money Market, Forex Market, Government Securities Market, Capital Market, Derivatives Market, International Capital Markets.
b. Participants:
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