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Topics: Enterprise resource planning, ERP software Pages: 7 (1665 words) Published: January 25, 2013
This research is an overview that how organization can improve their output by information system planning and implementation? Ethical and professional practices as well as effective risk management, improving the outcomes and monitoring the performance.ERP system gives flexibility, quick response.ERP was introduced in early 1990’s to cope with the requirements of the market. This system is difficult to get in practice as it has many modules and can be modified according to the need of an organization. 1.1Company’s introduction

SSGC (Sui Southern Gas company limited) is the Pakistan’s most leading company. Its purpose to provide natural gas to all the regions of the country. Beside transmission construction off all high and low pressure distribution systems. The vision of the company is to provide excellent services by maintaining high level of ethical and professional standards. The mission of the company is to meet the needs of the customers in friendly environment and securing the the responsibility of all stakeholders. 1.2ERP Overview:

Question arises what is actually ERP?
How it works?
ERP are software packages comprise different modules e.g. Human resource, sales, marketing etc. These software’s can be modified according to the needs of the department of an organization.ERP system is not a project which will end one day, they are the way of life. However ERP does not guarantee the solutions of the problems but those who will understand and implement it will be most likely to succeed. 1.3Importance of ERP:

ERP is the most important and effective tool used in today’s time across the globe. It is not that easy for business people to start competing on global scale because there will be complications and hardship for them to line-up their operations and processes and makes them works smoothly.ERP is not the solution to all problems .Researches

From the beginning ERP was the most expensive tool only handful companies afford it at that time. Even it was difficult for workers to accept and work with new tool, due to lack of knowledge about the ERP tool workers failed to make it useful and how to implement it companies’ purchases falling in loss. Setting up the ERP system in organization is complex and time consuming minimum time for fully implementation for big organization is six months and maximum eighteen months for some reasons. It is important for workers to understand and have plenty of knowledge about the tool so it gone a be easy for organizations to meet its needs, Every organization have different needs and make it ERP tools more effective to meet the needs of an organization.

1.4Dominant factors in ERP:
Different studies has been conducted on critical factors that should be carefully analyzes to make possible and successful implementation of an ERP project. Implementation of ERP project on all levels carried out by these factors. Researches highlighted these factors play important role in ERP implementation. These factors monitor all stages of ERP implementation top management, experienced project management, world class training are all main factors of ERP project. 1.5Dimensions and phases of ERP:

ERP life cycle phases contains many stages that ERP system goes through longer span of life hosting within an organization. Following are the phases of life cycle of ERP. 1. Adoption decision phase

2. Acquisition phase
3. Implementation phase
4. Maintenance phase
5. Evolution phase Retirement phase.
In ERP dimensions first preference is to analyzing phases of life cycle which are 1)product 2)process 3)People 4)change management.

1.6Advantages and disadvantages of ERP:

ERP system has more advantages than disadvantages. Its been used to solving number of problems that are faced by large organizations. Using this technology a company can get a path to sucees but it does not guarantee it, This technology costs very high so every organization can not...
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