Topics: Enron, Finance, Business ethics Pages: 4 (1037 words) Published: February 1, 2013

Unit One
Alternative Seminar Assignment
Carsondra Deanea Grimes
MT 217 Finance
Professor Sandy McDonald
Kaplan University
Date: 10/30/12

There are three main aspect of finance of business organizations as described below. The first of the three are investments which is the area of finance in which focuses on interest rates and mortgages and returns and falls on investment activities. This area is critical for a successful business as its focus is profitability and reporting accurate information to investors and business owners.

The second form of finance organization is financial services. Financial services are responsible for management of money. People that work in this aspect of business are the decision makers as far as investments and how to make the most informed decisions with regard to the finances of the company. This department would rely heavily on the reporting produced by the accounting department in order to ensure accurate data to use when making decisions.

The third and final area of finance is managerial finance or business finance. This organization deals with every aspect of cash inflows and out flows. This is very important as it widely used in all business organizations whether manufacturing environment of financial services. It covers public and private organizations. The managerial aspect deals with plant decisions such as expansion or change of material vendors or employee decisions. Most all decisions are based upon what if most profitable for the company and the future growth or potential of said company.

This also leads to the main type of business organizations which are proprietorship, partnership and corporation. A proprietorship is an un-incorporated business owned by an individual. They must be licensed by the state and is relatively easy to start a proprietorship. This type of business is taxed as an individual is taxed. The downside to a proprietorship is...
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