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Topics: Population, Overpopulation, Demography Pages: 7 (1930 words) Published: January 22, 2013

Perfect Deng Ms. Tennant Challenge and Change in Society HSB 4M 2012/1/19

An interview about will the decreasing population rate have a negative impact on society in Canada was interviewed. Two Thousand Island Secondary School students and one's student father and homestay mom expounded about their opinions. There is no denying that any country are faced with this issue now. The world is facing the population expansion, the aging of the population issue. The population trend of Canada is decreasing so that population aging is a big problem and population rate will impact many ways on society in Canada (such as economic) so the governments have to deal with this problem about population rate (Population growth rate, aging population) was proved by the interview and secondary data from the internet.

Since 1830’s the world reached 1 billion, the world population today (2011) is 6.9 billion. It was a big world increase but it is unbalanced between different countries. Until very recently there were fears that in the next century, world population would explode to some 12 billion people, leaving little room for wilderness areas to preserve wildlife and putting extreme pressure on food production, water and non-renewable resources. For example, Let's talk about Canada, The 2011 Canadian census counted a total population of 33,476,688, an increase of around 5.9 percent over the 2006 figure. Between 1990 and 2008, the population increased by 5.6 million, equivalent to 20.4 percent overall growth. The main drivers of population growth are immigration and, to a lesser extent, natural growth. So it population rate is really an issue in Canada? Is Immigration are good way to enhance the growth rate of population?The answer is unquestionable. In some way the population rate have a negative impact in society in Canada. Canada is vast territory and abundant resources,but is scarcely populated. An aging population seriously, and many age group population imbalance, productivity and production relations also corresponding imbalance. A lot of national resources are in urgent need of young people to develop, construction, maintenance, extension. So the government play an increasingly important role in the population rate.

One grade 12 challenge and change in society student interviews four different people when after school (Two Thousand Islands Secondary School students at grade 12 and one's student father and homestay mom) about what do they think will the decreasing population rate have a negative impact on society in Canada. The students will tell them the population rate have a negative impact on society in Canada and tell them many aging of population or growth rate of population problem in Canada. The interviewees cannot talk with each other so that everyone has their own opinion.

The interviewees' answers based on will The decreasing population rate have a negative impact on society in Canada? Then express they opinions and ideas. The table of interviewees' answers shows below.

|Name |Opinion | |Owen (Thousand Islands Secondary School Grade 12 student) |Population decrease makes resources pressure relief, but also can | | |cause labor reduce, aging intensifies, economic stagnation, go | | |against the development of productive forces. | |GuoLiang Deng (Thousand Islands Secondary School Grade 12...
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