Film Dr. Strangelove Interpretation

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Dr. Strangelove, World War II Pages: 2 (525 words) Published: May 23, 2013

Dr. Strangelove

A brief synopsis of the film, General Ripper, a paranoid Air Force base commander, orders a troop of B-52 bombers into the Soviet Union to drop hydrogen bombs on military targets. General Turgidson sees this as a chance to entirely abolish the “Communists” and prevent their predictable vengeance. But the president is a pacifist, and he invites the Russian Ambassador into the war room. They call the Russian Premiere to warn of the attack and explain that it was accidental. Over the telephone, the Premiere reveals the reality of their "doomsday device," a large supply of atomic bombs that would mechanically be ignited in the event of a atomic strike, destroying all plant and animal life on the earth. At the Air Force base, an Army unit penetrates with heavy fighting to get the recall code from Gen. Ripper, but he kills himself to avoid torture. Luckily, his senior officer is able to gather the code "OPE" from Ripper's doodling on a pad of paper. The bombers respond to the code and return to base, except one who's radio receiver has been damaged. Back at the war room, Dr. Strangelove, a disfigured ex-Nazi scientist, suggests a plan to save a few thousand Americans by hiding them in a deep mine shaft for 100 years until the radiation returns to a safe level. Yet the last bomber succeeds in dropping the bomb ending the human race and the world. The effect the movie had on me was a bit scary at first, even the slightest thought of this actually happening, is bone chilling. The sad part is we fight and kill people daily in third world countries and use “nuclear weapons” as a reason to be there. We threaten other nations and they threaten us non-stop with the idea of nuclear weapons, which we already saw what they were capable of in Japan. The media tells us that other nations are extremely dangerous and want to hurt us, while it’s our own government doing that to others. Lets hope we never become a product of our own weapons. What really...
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