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  • Published : January 25, 2013
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The period of time under the reign of ____________ Elizabeth I is commonly referred to as the ___________________Era. Considered the height of the English Renaissance, ______ included expansion abroad and a resurgence of the ________. Even though many overstate or idealize the time, ________Elizabethan Age is still considered to be the ____________Age of England’s history. In 1588 England had _________ defeated the famous Spanish Armada to become the ___________ naval power at the time. This was the ¬¬¬¬________ of exploration where every corner of the globe ________being explored and exploited. This was also the ¬¬¬¬¬__________Sir Walter Raleigh sailed to the new world ¬¬_______ colonists. All of this exploration brought a new _________ of trade, wealth and people to the increasing _________________ London. The economic boom turned people’s attention to the¬¬¬¬_________. Music and painting were infused with new ideas, __________theater became the national pastime. Going to see a _______in Elizabethan England would be very different from ________ you are used to today. Maybe your experience is___________ your friend that had a small part in a _____________ production last year. Maybe you’ve been to Broadway in ______ York City. Maybe you’ve never even been to a play. ______________________, most people get their drama entertainment in the ________ of movies and television. Try to imagine the excitement of a football game or concert. The people would show up early to meet with friends with plenty of drinking and eating. Remember, there was no television or even electricity! Word Bank:

arts Golden Elizabethan cosmopolitan
age the was level
time form while arts
just Queen seeing new
whatregardlesswith it
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