Filipino Research

Topics: High school, Primary education, College Pages: 2 (518 words) Published: December 21, 2012
Chapter I

The Problem and the review of Related Literature


Adjustment is a process by which a living organism maintains a balance between the need and the circumstances, the variables included for the study apart from adjustment are age, gender and class type of school, furthermore adjustment to high school level of knowledge is one problem that the students mostly encountered, so each person brings to adjustment his unique personality which includes his own assets and liabilities, and adjust to every situations brings about maladjustments ranging from minor to severe conditions, hence there is some evidence that students’ transition experience increased feelings of isolation during their first year after transition. Approximately one-tenth of new students are reported never to start, avoid situations that are likely to result in trouble, or seem confident in social situations. Starting school can be very exciting time for adolescent. It can also be very confusing and quite scary for some teens. The seventh grade is the seventh year after kindergarten. Students are usually 12-13 years old. Traditionally seventh grade was the next to last year of elementary school. Like those tweens who just graduated from elementary and upcoming Grade 7 they can’t adjust easily but sometimes they can easily adjust through the help of their teachers, family, friends and others. They lose self-confidence because of the new environment and people around him/her that he/she didn’t know. The problem about grade 7 students is that they easily get nervous and scared. Scared to figure things out, to discover new things or even to make new friends. Another is that they mostly chose friends are just bad influence, but it’s really up to them on how they should handle things out in adjusting.

When they start high school it is usually a much bigger place with many students and they are not at the bottom rather than the top of...
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