Fighting for Peace

Topics: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, War, Nonviolence Pages: 2 (828 words) Published: January 23, 2013
Fighting for peace
Can one man make a difference in the World
By: Zlatko Georgiev

I've never understood the war. I do not understand the reasons for starting it and I definitely do not understand why people engage in it with such enthusiasm. I do not understand why people believe the crap that other people are shoving that war begins in order to achieve peace. Wars are started for money and power, for power and money. These are the only reasons for starting the insane killing of thousands, millions of people. I`ve never been particularly interested in politics, diplomacy, etc. But even for a not very knowledgeable guy like me it is clear that the war is not good for anybody. None to be directly involved in it and no one for whom it is supposedly started. Benefits of it have the leaders. Benefits have the people in the offices, sitting in their comfortable armchairs in front of their big desks, unaware what was really happening outside. People for whom these are just numbers, and as if that amount of money won exceeds the number of victims, everything is wonderful. But what do the people who are directly involved win? Sadness, pain, crippled to the end of their lifes, if they had the chance to survive the "fair" battle which they had fought. People scarred until the end of their life physically and emotionally. And for what? Peace? War that we begin so we can only enjoy it ending. People who kill other people in order to bury them and to "help" their families. Cities to destroy in order to build them later. This is insane! Insanity is that we allow this, that we believe and blindly follow the people which are giving us this crap. They`ve created NATO to preserve peace, but they rejected the candidacy of the USSR, because they need an enemy, someone to fight to maintain their economy. And under the protection of this "peaceful" alliance happen so many unpeacefull things that makes me sick. Terrorist scenarios and conflicts artificially created in order...
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