Fight Against Corruption

Topics: Human rights, Council of Europe, Law Pages: 1 (294 words) Published: July 26, 2012
Corruption, in one form or the other, is a worldwide problem and harmful to public interests. In this thesis an effort is made to define corruption, its main causes are discussed and its many harmful consequences for economic development and governance. In this connection the main emphasis is on the links between corruption and internationally recognised human rights standards, i.e. how corruption can lead to violations of human rights and undermine the protection they are supposed to provide and how human rights can be a powerful tool to prevent and contain corruption. In the last decade or so corruption and its extensive harmful effects have gradually been recognized by the international community and organisations. The international community has as well increasingly realised the need for cooperation in the fight against this phenomenon. In the last ten to fifteen years many international declarations, recommendations and conventions have been agreed on to prevent and combat corruption. The thesis gives an overview of the development and some of the most important efforts and initiatives made in this field. The main emphasis is, however, on the international anti-corruption conventions which have been adopted and are legally binding for the states parties. In the latter part of the thesis the focus is on Iceland and the corruption which is arguably an issue in the Icelandic society. International anti-corruption conventions which have been adopted by international organisations of which Iceland is a member are viewed, particularly provisions which are of relevance for Icelandic conditions as described. Then the thesis deals with how corruption issues in Iceland have links to some internationally recognised human rights standards as well as how such standards and international mechanisms which monitor compliance with them can possibly give victims of corruption additional protection
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