Anti-Corruption Drive in India

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  • Published : January 6, 2012
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“Anna Hazare’s Leadership” and Anti –corruption campaign in India 16th august 2011, was a day of vanity in Indian history which has putted curiosity among most of Indians. Many of us coveted to be part of the activities happening all around in Delhi, a wish to join hands with Anna Hazare. It was really hard to believe that a tenacious soldier could turn into an anti-corruption crusader by brilliantly executing an amazing series of checks and counter checks, leading to eventual checkmate. It was great experience to see a charismatic leadership in role of Anna Hazare that’s effect was so much subliminal which has shaken the backbone of deep rooted corruption in this country. Two questions were striking. Why this campaign? & why we need Anna for this campaign? Do we desperately need a leader like M. C. Gandhi again, who can cave in a right direction? Why we forgot real Gandhi and His sacrifice? We only remember that “Note wala Gandhi” by Munna Bhai MBBS. When we go to any office, Office clerk ask us “bhaiya Gandhi ke darshan karaa do Kaam ho jayega”. This campaign under Anna’s leadership is purposeful in following dimensions. 1.

Creating dominance against corruption
The major force behind this campaign was creating environment against corruption, if we turn up with association of corruption, we formulate it asCorruption = Authority + Monopoly – Transparency Authority, we cannot ignore the fact that authority should be given to some peoples to govern. But intension to choose those peoples plays importance. When transparency enforces to choose authority outcome is better, if somebody an

gets absolute authority to govern then, its’ clear that corruption would be there. ‘Absolut Authority, Absolute Corruption’. If only some people have the control over all the resources, resulting decisions become biased, certain group who hold the resources, drives monopoly. This campaign is about to include transparency in the society and system to prevent government, social...
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