Field Trip in Grenada

Topics: Animal, Organism, Cactus Pages: 2 (609 words) Published: February 10, 2013
Personal Fieldtrip

BIOL 217 – Grenada Wildlife & Habitats

Candice Benjamin

Initially, I wanted to choose a place that I’ve never been, but because of time constraints, I decided to the cliff behind Caribbean House and Founders Library was suitable for this task. When I first started SGU, the cliff was commonly referred to as “The base.” It’s like a hidden treasure. There’s a path behind Caribbean House, down a hill, trailing out to a cliff, overlooking the sea. There are a few cacti plants and other dry shrubs found within the general area. It is usually hot, but windy, because of the close proximity to the ocean. Upon my arrival, the first thing that was noted was the vast amount of water surrounding the cliff. Undoubtedly, this was the most beautiful aspect of the area – miles upon miles of water, stretching far and wide. The air is always crisp, but somewhat fresh, maybe even salty. At first, the scent was a bit overwhelming, because it hits you all at once. There was a bench in the area, which led me to believe that there are usually people enjoying the view as well. I sat for a couple of hours, and engaged all my senses. I cupped my ear, and the sound of the waves got louder. I heard them crashing into the rocks at the cliff shore, and even the rolling of bigger waves out into the distance. Birds flying overhead and the rustling of leaves, by small lizards were also heard. I heard cars honking, most likely coming from behind Caribbean House, at the parking lot. Lower down on the reef, a scratching sound was heard. I ventured off to see what was causing it. There I saw crabs crawling up and even some falling off the rocks. I stayed on the cliff for quite some time, and saw planes as well. I heard them even louder when my ears were cupped. I closed my eyes for sometime, and it was somewhat of a guessing game. I heard so many things, and at the same time tried to figure out what exactly made the sounds. It was interesting...
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