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English Essay - Compare Chapters 1 and 6

Steinbeck uses the opening of his novel to introduce to us the main characters of the novel and also to hint at the forthcoming events that are yet to come in the novel.

In the opening Steinbeck describes the setting as a tranquil and peaceful scene, which is almost like the Garden of Eden this, is almost too good to be true this also describe George and Lennie's dream.

Everything in the setting is natural, 'the deep green pool of the Salinas River' and 'a far rush of wind sounded and a gust drove through the tops of the trees like a wave. The language creates a feeling of light and brightness, particularly the "twinkling" water. The leaves are 'deep and so crisp' so that a lizard 'makes a great skittering' as it runs through them. The sycamore leaves turned up their silver sides, the brown, dry leaves on the ground scudded a few feet'. By these descriptions we have an image of a delightful place which is calm and peaceful almost like heaven.

Steinbeck then writes about the animals that live there and presents them as belonging in this pastoral scene, the rabbits 'sit on the sand' and the deer come to drink at the pool. The animals feel safe and secure as we see form the rabbits 'sat as quietly as little grey sculptured stones', they also feel unthreatened by people because they are used to a lot of people walking past in the valley towards the Gabilian Mountains, a lot of them are itinerant workers that move from around the country quite often.

At the first glance of the tranquil setting, this seems to be identical to the last chapter in the book, but there are significant differences in the two chapters.

Steinbeck uses the last chapter to end the book, he uses a particular setting the pool near the Salinas River this is a coincidence because this is where he started it.

George and Lennie upset the natural scene at the pool near the Salinas River as they arrive just like they upset the scene at the...
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