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  • Published : March 6, 2013
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Learning Activity 1:


ASSESSMENT TOOLS| DESCRIPTION(Bulleted description on how the assessment method is used related to subject matter, levels of learning behavior, length, etc.)| * Oral Questioning * True or False * Essay Test| * Appropriate method in assessing the students’ stock knowledge, in determining the students’ ability to communicate ideas in coherent verbal sentences. * The teacher asked several questions regarding with his/her discussion and the students responded through oral and give his/her opinions based on their practice. * The students’ thinking was developed as well as the self confidence to stand in the class. * Used to test the level of understanding of the students and given as a sort of quiz. * We can assess the higher order of thinking skills of the students and also of their competence in organizing the paragraph.|


ASSESSMENT TOOLS| DESCRIPTION(Bulleted description on how the assessment method is used relative to subject matter, levels of learning behavior, length, etc.)| * Portfolio Making| * Can help the students to demonstrate their knowledge through evidence of students’ work in the sense of pencil paper cognitive tests. * The students were asked to make a portfolio of the learning that they had gained in the subject taken. And they were guided on what those things to be included in the portfolio. The content of the portfolio included the reflections on the story they read. * There were guide questions for them to answer.|


CONVENTIONAL TYPES| DESCRIPTION OF HOW THE ASSESSMENTMETHOD WAS USED| Oral Questioning| The teacher created ideas from the class by asking them several questions regarding the topic and the students expressed their opinions and their ideas. This somehow or in the other way around develop their communication skills and develop self confidence. This was done as the teacher developed the lesson.| True or False| This was given in a form of test to check on the students learning ability. The students were asked of this part if they are going to answer the questions on a one whole sheet of paper. This assessment method developed the students’ ability to weigh things.| Essay Test| A pen and paper test given as an evaluation to the students learning. Which to measure the capacity of understanding of the students to express their ideas, their opinions regarding the topic and also to develop their ability to reason out and stand for their opinion.|


AUTHENTIC OR ALTERNATIVETYPES| DESCRIPTION OF HOW THE ASSESSMENTMETHOD WAS USED(Please include your personal observations and comments below the description).| * Portfolio Making| * This method that examines the collective skills/ abilities of he students or simply the application of the relevant skills and knowledge of the students. This method exactly evaluates the learners’ learning through the evidence that they used to work with. * This was given as a project for the whole grading period. It is quite good to say that is a prerequisite to pass the subject. In addition, they were also required to have a reflection on the story that they had read and represent it in a drawing wherein they are free to apply their gift of creativity. * This method measures the knowledge of the students and its application and develops the skills and abilities in doing task by applying the earned knowledge.|


* Was there a variety of assessment methods used by the teacher? How relevant was/were on assessment methods used? Yes, there were varieties of assessment methods used by the teacher; the oral questioning (recitation form), essay test (includes story review & reading comprehensions), true or false and other forms of tests. The above-mentioned methods were...
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