Field Study 5

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  • Published: February 12, 2013
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Table of Contents

Introduction of the Paper2
The Field Study Student3
Statement of the Purpose4
Cooperating School5
Momentous Experience and Insights
Entries and Evidences
Copy of Basic EducationinUBD Curriculum12
Interview on Grade 7 Teachers13
My Own Curriculum “Realistic Educational Curriculum”18
Reflection on Observation28
Articles about Field Study 4
Teaching Resources: Exploring the Curriculum 29
Let's Play! Using Play-Based Curriculum to Support Children's Learning Throughout 30 Domains
Exploring Teacher’s Experiences in Implementation of Curriculum in China 38
Curriculum Review: Exploring Creation 39
Personal Reflection on the Paper40

This field study shows the dynamic ability of a curriculum to different changes.Field study 4 is all about different curriculum and assessment being utilized to promote students’ progress. Field study 4 is a way on how to have a deep understanding in different curriculum being tested. Having a first year in K-12 program this field study open up the positive outcomes in getting this curriculum to be globally competitive.

The Field Study Student
Ednalyn Guinto Caguimbal was born on April 18, 1993 with my parents Edgardo Austria Caguimbal and Celina Guinto Caguimbal. I‘m second eldest from five siblings. I graduated my in Tagkawayan Central Elementary School and I finished my secondary years at Novaliches High School. I had my first year college at Southern Luzon State University- Judge Guillermo Eleazar with Bachelor in Secondary Education Major in English. Due to unexpected events of my life I transferred here at Westmead International School and shifted in Science major. I believe in the quote “Who dares to teach must never cease to learn." -- John Cotton...
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